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    Handgun shooters looking for supreme accuracy and maximum knock down power have come to rely on Hornady Custom pistol ammo, loaded with either the famous Hornady XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) bullet, our FMJ or FTX bullet. Every round of Hornady® Custom™ ammunition is hand inspected before packaging to ensure the highest levels of quality control. At Hornady,® we manufacture Custom™ ammunition to give shooters and hunters the advantage of hand-loaded accuracy in a factory load. Product Features HORNADY BULLETS Depending on the caliber, Hornady Custom handgun ammunition is loaded with Hornady XTP, FMJ-RN, XTP Mag, FTX or FP (flat point)-XTP bullets. SELECT CASES Hornady produces most of the brass for Hornady Custom pistol ammo. All other brass is selected to ensure it meets our unusually high standards for reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, proper hardness and the ability to withstand maximum chamber pressures. MATCHED POWDERS AND PRIMERS Powders in each cartridge are loaded to ensure optimal pressure, velocity and consistency from lot to lot. Each primer is matched to individual loads, and specifically selected for their ability to quickly, completely, and reliably ignite the powder charge

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    🔫 Introducing Hornady .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution! Unleash Unparalleled Power and Precision for Your Lever Action Firearm! 🔫Are you a passionate lever action shooter seeking the ultimate ammunition to enhance your shooting experience? Look no further! Hornady .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution is here to revolutionize your shooting sessions. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship, these cartridges deliver exceptional power, precision, and performance.💥 Unmatched Power: Hornady .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution cartridges are specifically designed to deliver devastating energy and stopping power. With their high-quality components and innovative design, these rounds provide optimal expansion and penetration, making them perfect for hunting and self-defense scenarios.🎯 Pinpoint Accuracy: Precision is paramount when it comes to lever action shooting, and Hornady understands that better than anyone. The FTX (Flex Tip eXpanding) bullet design of the Lever Revolution cartridges ensures consistent and controlled expansion, resulting in exceptional accuracy and reliable terminal performance. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise shot placement.✨ Innovative Technology: Hornady prides itself on pushing the boundaries of ammunition technology. The FTX bullet design incorporates a patented Flex Tip, which not only enhances accuracy but also provides reliable feeding in lever action firearms. Experience smooth chambering, consistent performance, and increased ballistic efficiency with every shot.🌿 Environmentally Friendly: Hornady is committed to environmental sustainability while delivering top-notch performance. The .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution cartridges are manufactured with lead-free projectiles, ensuring optimal performance without compromising environmental responsibility.🏆 Versatility and Reliability: Whether you're hunting big game or engaging targets at the range, Hornady .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution cartridges excel in both scenarios. These rounds are specifically engineered for lever action firearms, making them a perfect choice for shooters who demand reliability, consistency, and versatility from their ammunition.🔒 Safety First: Hornady prioritizes safety above all else. The .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution cartridges undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure flawless performance and reliable ignition. Shoot with confidence, knowing that your safety is in good hands.🔥 Elevate Your Lever Action Shooting: Step up your lever action shooting game with Hornady .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution cartridges. Experience the combination of raw power, pinpoint accuracy, and cutting-edge technology that sets these rounds apart from the competition. It's time to maximize your shooting potential.⭐️ Join the ranks of elite lever action shooters and equip yourself with Hornady .44 Rem Mag 225gr FTX Lever Revolution cartridges. Unleash the true potential of your lever action firearm and experience a new level of performance! ⭐️

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