About us

Extreme Outdoor Sports Pty Ltd is a dedicated specialist in all aspects of Hunting, Outdoors and Shooting sports. Extreme Outdoor Sports was born in Wollongong, NSW when its founder began importing and dispatching mail orders to internet-based consumers from all over Australia. It wasn’t long before the company's founder had to make a decision to upscale and move into the retail industry through Brick and Mortar stores or continue working his second job and cast the internet business to the side.

The choice was an easy one and in 2010 Extreme Outdoor Sports took over a well-known Firearms Dealership in Oak Flats, NSW called "Southern Firearms".

This added a vast array of new equipment to our range, including Rifles, Ammunition, Spotlights, Archery and Firearm Accessories.

As this company grow, so did the demand in the area and soon it was time to upscale again and EOS added Shoalhaven Shooting Supplies to its company portfolio. This store is located in South Nowra, NSW.

In 2020, EOS added “Field and Stream Australia” to their portfolio. A small store located in Bowral, NSW.

This has enabled us to service our customers base in a large area with the biggest and best brands in the industry! We have close ties with the following companies who we would like to thanks for being there with us for the journey so far:

  • Beretta Australia
  • Winchester Australia
  • Raytrade Australia
  • OSA Australia
  • Lightforce Australia
  • Plus many many more!

As we move forward I would like to thank our loyal customers and hope that they enjoy the products Extreme Outdoor Sports has to offer and will continue to purchase and recommend us to others. And I still stand by that if I wouldn't use it I won't sell it!


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