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    🌄 Elevate Your Shooting Experience with the Franchi Horizon 223REM Blued Detachable Magazine 22" Rifle! 🌄Introducing a new era of precision and versatility - the Franchi Horizon 223REM Blued Detachable Magazine 22" Rifle. Crafted to deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability, this rifle is your key to hitting the mark with every shot, whether you're on the range or out in the field.🎯 **Pinpoint Accuracy**: The Franchi Horizon rifle is engineered to set new standards in accuracy. With a chambered 223REM caliber and a 22" barrel, this rifle empowers you to achieve remarkable precision, making it the perfect companion for precision shooting, varmint control, and everything in between.🔁 **Unmatched Versatility**: The detachable magazine design adds a new dimension of convenience to your shooting experience. Whether you're planning for quick follow-up shots on the range or efficient reloads during hunting sessions, the Franchi Horizon's detachable magazine provides seamless versatility.💥 **Unleash Your Potential**: With its blued finish, this rifle not only exudes timeless elegance but also boasts enhanced durability. The Franchi Horizon is engineered to withstand the rigors of various shooting environments, so you can focus on perfecting your shot rather than worrying about your firearm.🔥 **Precision and Comfort**: The ergonomic design of the Franchi Horizon ensures that your rifle feels like an extension of yourself. Combined with a smooth trigger, you'll enjoy unparalleled control and comfort, allowing you to focus on the thrill of shooting with accuracy and confidence.🌟 **Why Choose Franchi Horizon 223REM Blued Detachable Magazine 22" Rifle?**- Exceptional accuracy and precision.- Detachable magazine for enhanced versatility.- Durable blued finish for reliability and elegance.- Ergonomic design for optimal comfort and control.🔗 Elevate your shooting prowess with the Franchi Horizon 223REM Blued Detachable Magazine 22" Rifle! 🔗Enter a world of precision and reliability that Franchi is renowned for. Make every shot count and redefine your shooting capabilities with a rifle that adapts to your needs. Upgrade your shooting game today and experience the unrivaled quality of Franchi.

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    🏞️ Experience Excellence in Every Shot with the Franchi Horizon Elite 243 Win Beige Stock Cerakote Rifle! 🏞️Introducing the epitome of precision and elegance - the Franchi Horizon Elite 243 Win Beige Stock Cerakote Rifle. Crafted to exceed expectations, this rifle is the embodiment of supreme performance and refined aesthetics, designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights.🌄 **Unleash Your Potential**: The Franchi Horizon Elite rifle is your gateway to unparalleled accuracy and control. With a 243 Win caliber and precision engineering, each shot is a testament to your dedication to the craft, whether you're engaging targets on the range or embarking on a hunting expedition.🍃 **Blend with Nature**: The distinctive beige stock is a homage to the natural world, allowing you to blend seamlessly with your environment. Camouflage your presence and gain the upper hand while stalking game, showcasing your skill and dedication to ethical hunting.💥 **Unyielding Performance**: Featuring a Cerakote finish, the Franchi Horizon Elite rifle stands resilient against the elements. Rain or shine, this rifle maintains its pristine appearance while providing unshakable reliability, so you can focus on making each shot count.🔥 **Precision and Comfort**: Equipped with an ergonomic design and a crisp trigger, this rifle ensures your every movement translates into a controlled shot. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a novice shooter, the Franchi Horizon Elite's user-friendly features empower you to hit your mark consistently.🌟 **Why Choose Franchi Horizon Elite 243 Win Beige Stock Cerakote Rifle?**- Unparalleled precision and accuracy.- Camouflage beige stock for a connection with nature.- Resilient Cerakote finish for all-weather reliability.- Ergonomic design and crisp trigger for exceptional comfort.🔗 Elevate your shooting prowess with the Franchi Horizon Elite 243 Win Beige Stock Cerakote Rifle! 🔗Step into the realm of shooting excellence and experience the blend of artistry and performance that only Franchi can provide. Redefine your marksmanship and make your mark with every shot. Upgrade your firearm today and immerse yourself in the elite world of Franchi.

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    Horizon Varmint Black Synt pushes the profile of the Horizon towards yet more aggressive lines and covers an additional aspect of varminting hunting and shooting. Born in the USA for pest-hunting, the varminting rifle has several possible variations, extending beyond just the realm of hunting. Horizon Varmint Black Synt belongs to the varminter/long range category, ensuring excellent ballistic accuracy even at long range. With blued barrel and action, Horizon Varmint Black Synt is offered in .308 WIN caliber, with 11" rifling twist - not a standard choice for a varmint rifle but very much suitable for bullets ranging from 150 to 180 grains and their use at the shooting range. The fluted profile, of this varminting model, with fluted barrels allows the bolt action center of gravity to be retracted, in addition to giving the rifle its attractive style. The result is a varmint rifle with a perfectly distributed and balanced weight. The Relia Trigger trigger is clean and sharp, with an adjustable weight from 0.8 to 1.9 kg, and helps to increase its ballistic accuracy, which as with all Horizon is tested to guarantee 1 MOA out of three shots fired. The Horizon Varmint butt features a standard medium comb, which promotes the ideal neck and head position, even in the event of repeated shots during shooting range sessions. The aiming height can be adjusted for the best shooting position by mounting the optional combs low or high. Horizon Varmint has a two-position safety, with free bolt, and 2 single-wire magazines in technopolymer, specially designed to facilitate insertion of the cartridge into the chamber. Dependa Bolt bolting system offers three locking fins with 60° opening, nickel-plated, fluted body, streamlined conical bolt handle and easy disassembly for routine maintenance. Horizon Varmint Black Synt has mounted muzzle brake and base. Like every bolt action rifle, this Varmint hunting one has a 7 year warranty on its mechanical parts and is delivered with a 1 MOA out of three shots fired accuracy certificate.

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    The True Timber camouflage of this bolt action, in the Strata tone, guarantees total camouflage in different natural environments through micro and macro plant world design schemes - to challenge the perception of ungulate game, with a field of vision superior to that of humans. If the macro design breaks down the profile of the weapon at any distance, the micro design blends it on any terrain, making it simply invisible. Perfect for both wild boar selection hunting and hunting deer or alpine chamois - but indeed not only - it is an accurate and reliable bolt action. As with its sister Horizon Elite Gray, the barrel and action of the Horizon Elite Strata are Cerakoted coated in the Midnight Bronze tone, an ultra-fine paint that increases the durability and resistance of the metal parts and makes it suitable for all hunting enthusiasts in the toughest climates and in extreme environments.   Modern and distinctive, it is available in calibers .223 REM, .243 WIN, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRG, 6.5 CREEDMOOR and .300 WIN MAG, with Relia Bolt fluted bolt and removable magazine.  The Smooth sense stock guarantees four contact zones with the hunter's body and a perfect grip in the five most utilized shooting positions. Thanks to the TSA Recoil Pad, recoil at the instant of the shot is reduced by 50%, ensuring easy shot repetition, if necessary. Like all Franchi bolt action rifles, the Horizon Elite Strata is also fitted with a Relia Trigger adjustable from 0.8 to 1.9 kg and has undergone an accuracy test, which guarantees the accuracy of 1 M.O.A. out of three shots fired. It is delivered with the certificate within the packaging. Thanks to the Horizon Elite Strata, gliding silently through the woods hunting for ungulates or blending in the vegetation waiting for prey has never been so thrilling.     CALIBER 223 REM / 243 WIN / 270 WIN / 308 WIN / 30-06 SPFD / 6,5 CREEDMOOR / 300 WIN MAG LOP (MM) 355 (347, 365) LENGHT (MM) 1075 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 1125 (300 WIN MAG) WEIGHT (KG) 2,950 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD); 2,990 (243 WIN, 270 WIN, 6,5 CREEDMOOR, 300 WIN MAG); 3,200 (223 REM) ROUNDS 4+1 (.223 REM); 3+1 (.243 WIN, 6.5 CREED, .270 WIN, .308 WIN, .30-06 SPRG, .300 WM) TWIST RATE 9 (223 REM); 10 (243 WIN, 270 WIN); 11 (308 WIN, 30-06 SPFD, 300 WIN MAG); 8 (6,5 CREEDMOOR) BARREL (CM) 56 (223 REM, 243 WIN, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPDF, 6,5 CREEDMOOR); 61 (300 WIN MAG) BOLT Fluted STOCK Camo True Timber Strata Techno polymer

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